Polishing the first draft of the raid team.

Sippy Cup Disaster has seen, what seems like, an endless amount of people coming and going, with the "core" team sticking around for several years.

But the guild has been around for 10 years and there's very few people who were around that saw the days of Eden Aurorae and the evolution of the team.

When I came back to the raiding scene for ToS, I wanted to build a team that would be the starting point, not just for other tiers of content, but a team that would carry on into the next expansion and further.

After a lengthy talk during the last raid night, where we wiped about 20 times on mythic sisters in ToS, I thought to myself, "we don't have the diversity that a lot of other teams have".

We have several classes that really don't bring much to the table. The generic classes. The ones that are good for a fight or two, but really don't bring a buff/grip/slow/yada-yada-yada. If we look down at all the classes and expect that we should have, very close to one of each class/spec, then we'd be left like this (in terms of dps).


Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Paladin, Monk, Druid, Hunter.

Melee bring 9 dps classes to the table (not including duel melee spec's).


Warlock, Mage, Shaman, Hunter, Priest, Druid.

Ranged brings 6 classes to the table.

So naturally, melee classes out-weigh the ranged, but most fights call for less melee than ranged.

So on a fight like Sisters in ToS where you cannot have more than 6 melee, you're asking at least 3 of the melee dps classes to not show up, not counting if you have duplicates of certain classes, which might help, depending on what they bring to the table.

My idea of a perfect raid team is:

2 Tanks

4 Healers

4 Melee Dps

10 Ranged Dps (with two of these people able to go heals at any given time).

I believe that this is inevitably how our raid team will be shaped.

Our current tanks, a monk and a druid, works perfectly.

Our current healers: paladin, shaman, monk, druid; is incredibly versatile.

In terms of melee usefulness, the four I want on my team would be:

Demon Hunter: Darkness CD and generally high damage.

Warrior: Shout CD and generally high damage.

Paladin: Wisdom for a Healer and ability to cheese certain boss mechanics.

Rogue: strictly to cheese mechanics.

That would be the four I'd want to have on my team. Get them comfortable together so an interrupt rotation is something that they just always follow suit with.

In terms of ranged dps, that gives us the chance to expand on the 6 classes that are available and to expand from there.

Warlock: cookies, summons, teleport pad, battle rez.

Mage: food, portals, ice block.

Shaman: strong aoe, knock back, earth totem personal CD, ability to rez self.

Hunter: slowing trap, strong aoe, ability to cast and run, strong ability to kite mobs, turtle shell.

Druid: strong aoe, knock back, innervate for healers, battle rez.

Priest: slows on adds, strong single target/overall boss damage, Vampiric Embrace, self heals, Dispersion.

Having one of each ranged dps would give any roster a very strong ability to control almost every situation.

Our team currently has an absurd amount of melee dps. I would even be fine with having 5 melee dps and 9 ranged, if it came to that.

But with how I'd like to have things, having 2 of each of the ranged classes would give us a lot to play with.

If I were to lay a list down of our current roster vs what I want to see out of our raid team it would go like this:

1 of each melee (with usefulness in play:

(sorry if I butcher your name)

Demon Hunter: Rouko, May

Warrior: Klindalol, Shastoos

Paladin: Lightwake, Duskmetron

Rogue: Vanish, Borila

Druid: Vehri

Shaman: currently none in roster

Death Knight: currently none in roster

Monk: currently none in roster

Hunter: currently none in roster

So we currently have 8 melee dps when we realistically only want 4. So far we've seen several of these guys sit out and that sucks. I hate making people sit out, especially when everyone brings their own personality and skill to the group.

Now let's do the same thing we did above, for ranged dps:

(sorry if i butcher your name)

Warlock: Serpentfang, Exorcise, Deadcold

Mage: Wayze

Shaman: currently none in roster

Hunter: Duoveridis

Priest: Firangle, Galactrix

Druid: Towelette, Slappyflower

From this layout, if we were recruiting internally, I would ask the extra 4-5 melee to swap to one of the ranged classes that we currently don't have filled for a better chance at not being sat.

From this, I would say we could use 2 Elemental Shamans, 1 Mage, 1 Hunter.

I have often said that this tier of content is the content we use to create the raid team and prepare for the future with. Having the right classes is going to be a huge part of this, as well as having the right people for the job. I think we have brought together some very strong raiders and have the potential to reach a top 20 status on Area 52 again.

But that endeavour will come with sacrifice and change.


p.s. i got Mim's Head yesterday. GG.

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