Raid Leader 101: Two teams in the same guild. (Twitter: @RaidLeader101)


It is really the only word that came to my mind not too long ago when Osiola approached Xuit and I about being the raid leader for the heroic team. Seeing the struggles and the work that has been put into the building of the heroic roster has really brought me back to the time when I first started raid leading...10 years ago, damn.

With Osiola as new raid leader at the helm of our heroic team they were able to build solid core of 12 raiders. Although they have had many trials and tribulations, this team hit its AOTC goal well in advance of their proposed deadline and have had several members (on their off nights) come to the mythic team to help on some progression bosses.

Our Heroic Team Raiders are a friendly and driven group of people who are willing to adapt and overcome any obstacle that stands their way. With KJ dead and their goal met the heroic team is now looking to fine tune their runs and increase their numbers for the Argus raid premiere. That gives any reader of this the opportunity to step foot into a team that is very welcoming of new players and can open the door to a great first-time raiding experience.

The Officers and longtime members of Sippy Cup Disaster are extremely proud of their accomplishments and growth as a new raid team for this content and look forward to see what the future can bring to these players.

It's truly an honor to see the dedication these members have to the guild and the commitment to their raid team and leader. Out of all the choices and changes that has come across Sippy Cup Disaster, I can firmly say that choosing Osiola as the leader for the heroic team has been something that has been; not only a huge asset to the guild as a whole, but has been a powerful driving force to opening up our doors to members from all walks of life and interest.

Keep pushing!

-Galactrix and Osiola

Check out one of the new twitter pages we will be working with: @RaidLeader101

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