Raid Leader 101: Guild Merger Failure: When Oomraiders approached us!

This is a story for those that are considering doing a guild merger or are in the middle of one or have already done it and are living in the possible nightmare!

I wish you all the best of luck and hope that it works out! When done right, I think that it can be really beneficial. This guild has gone through many mergers/sorta poaching, so I'd like to think I've seen it all...

Here is a situation that surprised me!

Not too long ago, I was doing the usual recruitment spam in trade chat. At the time we were 9/9 heroic and looking for 3-5 dps to really round out our potential mythic roster. I was approached by a character named Bowjangless from the guild Oomraiders. He asked me if I was interested in a guild merger.

I'm honestly never apposed to any sort of merging if it benefits both teams ideals. What did I want? 5 strong dps. What did he want? A tank, 3 healers, strong dps and committed raiders.

Later that night I hopped into Oomraiders discord and was met by about 5 or 6 of them that collectively called themselves the Officers of the guild. I brought over Morf and Conx for support.

After about 30 minutes of chatting back and forth, it seemed like a good idea for us to plan to run together the next Tuesday. Do a normal run and then a quick heroic and see where the chips fall.

One thing I made very clear was that we have raids on almost every day of the week, scratch that, our guild raids every day of the week. TUES/THURS/SUN: Mythic Team, WEDS/FRI/MON: Heroic Team, SAT: Sippy Cup Saturday and with about 75 active players. Bottom line for me was that if Oomraiders wanted to merge, they would be joining us.

This conversation happened on a Tuesday.

Every day after that I would hop into their discord, shoot the shit, and chat with their Officers about whatever. Finally, it came to Tuesday, I hopped in their discord early because one of their Officers (Isildiur) was online. I started inquiring about how many people would be coming to the run tonight from his guild and he gave me some really awkward replies.

Apparently they decided on Thursday of that week that they would be running with a different guild on the realm; Baked. Now I didn't feel burned or anything, I get it, shopping around while you're looking for a guild to merge with is something very common, but I had been talking with these guys on a daily basis. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...6 days of chatting with them, while they had no intention of running with me or my team.

So the raid ends and I still have of of their Officers on btag. I casually ask him if I could see the logs of the night and chuckle to myself when I see the title of the log called "Raid night with Baked".

And so I creeped...

The GM of baked was online, so I whispered him and asked him if I could hop in their discord and ask them some weird questions about the raid they just had. He sent me a discord link and I hopped in their channel. Thankfully, no one from Oomraiders was in that discord because I had a story to tell.

I explained what had happened over the week and how at the last second, Oomraiders pulled the carpet from under me. The GM of Baked got the impression that Oomraiders was looking for a merger, but the only way it would work for them is if a guild merges into them. AH! BINGO! That's why they bailed on Sippy Cup Disaster. Made a lot of sense because if that's what they are looking for, there's no way SCD would move into a smaller guild with no real leadership.

During the conversation with Baked, their GM said that they did have a weird feeling in the back of their minds. That something wasn't 100%. He even stated that after talking to me privately that in the grand scheme of it all, he thought Baked would be a better fit with SCD, but he was a man of his word and was going to keep running with Oomraiders.

A man of his word, unlike the members of Oomraiders.

So I extended the offer to the GM of Baked that if they merger didn't go so well, they were more than welcome to join SCD.

A few weeks went by and one of the Baked raiders who ended up joining SCD brought to my attention that the Baked guys who joined Oomraiders had transferred servers and were now Alliance.

I ended up asking both Bowjangless and Isildiur what had happened with Baked and how their progression was going (they were still 9/9, while we moved up to 3/9 Mythic), but both of them flat out didn't respond to me.

I figured I'd have some fun, so I whispered their rogue Deffective and asked him if he was looking for a new raid team. His response was that he remembered raiding with me, and that our team was garbage. Strange, because Oomraiders bailed on the trial run, so we never actually raided together. This guy must just be an asshole. So I let it go.

A few days later, during a Sippy Cup Saturday run, guess who requested to join the group..Deffective! I shot him a message that he should un-mute Galactrix and talk business with me. He's usually the top dps on his team by a LONG shot. So i figured here might be the chance to get back on track with him. His response was that he only wanted to join Sippy Cup Saturday so that he could trash me on dps AGAIN... again? He still didn't understand that him and I have never played together. YIKES! He is slow. Poor guy.

I asked him again to join my team, because his guild is stuck on 9/9 heroic, with some pretty low dps and heals. I figured, maybe knowing he'll clear heroic and get 3/9 mythic with us would be enough to sway him over. He replied by saying that he would only join our guild if we gave him 500k.. and he was dead serious on it.

I had to laugh. His dps is highest on his team. He is a strong player in a group of weak players, however that doesn't make him amazing. His cocky attitude with being better than the crummy raiders he is currently with has truly gotten to his head.

I replied to him by saying that I wasn't going to spend 500k on a dps that is highest on his raid team, but lower than the dps my guys already bring to the table. Then he put me on ignore again. Boohoo.

In the screenshot below you can see that the Baked guys felt lied to and had many reason why they were leaving. I can't imagine what stuff went down... enough stuff to make a team of people who left their guild to join another guild only to all of a sudden want to not only leave the server but to faction change as well...

I'll be avoiding Oomraiders for the rest of my time on Area 52 and dear, sweet reader, I hope that you do as well.



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