The Learning Curve

Tonight was one of those nights where you feel like you're going to kick some ass and then you run into a wall.

The first couple of bosses are a very clean joke for us, which they are for everyone, but we're still having issues with people spreading out their lines for Mistress and being aware of mechanics on Desolate Host.

I think that people get very comfortable in the fact that we can clear heroic as quickly as we do, but they forget that when it comes to heroic, you need to care just a little bit to get where we need to be.

We had a small-ish raid group size tonight.

Going to have to talk with some of our dps about their attendance. Feels like we're slowly slipping away from that 20m comp size that we're looking for.

Currently recruiting through the website, trade chat and Facebook.

Logs of the Night:

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