Clearing normal and making our stand with heroic

Pushing back the legion with the amount of bosses we are able to do on Tuesdays is incredibly rewarding.

It's still somewhat hard to justify going back and doing normal, however there is so much 920 loot that drops as well as at least one legendary drops per run for someone.

Clearing normal and then getting 4-6 heroic bosses down on heroic is a game changer when it comes to getting those last 4p bonuses as well as giving everyone their chance at a legendary.

Keeping it clean is something I say a lot. It's not just about killing bosses and getting faster kills, but it's about keeping the mechanics in check and not becoming lazy. I feel like when you slack off on normal, you bring that mentality with you to heroic... and if you don't show respect to normal, you won't be ready for Mythic.

Logs of the Night:

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