Dear God, don't pick up the wrong orb.

Maiden of Vigilance is a fight that I hate and love that at same time.

I love that I can hit incredibly high numbers while gaining a buff from collecting the right orb.

I hate that there are people that have issues with collecting the right orb and causing the raid to wipe over and over.

We made the call that only tanks will pick up orbs. Some guys didn't listen. They see the potential of high damage and they break the rules for themselves. I'm one of those guys, but I don't mess up such an easy mechanic.

I think in the future, if someone is uneasy with this fight, we will sit them. We did end up killing her under 20 pulls, which is awesome, but I still feel some folks that we're running with are a little lost on how to make sure we get the boss down clean.

This will be one of those bosses that prove how aware someone is. Very punishing. I love it!

Finished the week 7/9 Heroic.

Logs of the Night:

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