Setting the Standard for Tuesdays

Tonight we manages to full clear Normal Tomb of Sargeras. This has been a place where I've wanted us to be for a while. Make normal mode our bitch and then work on the heroic clear while recruiting for Mythic.

We had a few wipes on heroic KJ, but for the most part, those that have done it with us are a huge asset.

Dps is still not where I want it to be. Especially from myself. I think that it's a good time to bring up to the raiders again that we should be looking at logs, seeing what others are doing and trying to maximise our output.

Normal can be done in a night. If we didn't wipe on KJ we might have been able to get a couple of heroic bosses down. That will be the goal for next week. Gotta keep pushing.

Logs of the Night:

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