When you get caught with the Mistress..

Tonight we had one hell of an adventure. Wiping over and over on our first wall.

From what I gathered, we're low on dps. There's still a couple of people that need to pick up their numbers for us to get to where we want.

Mechanics also seem to be more of an issue than I thought. The three beams that need to be soaked still seem to be difficult for some people to manage.

When coming up to issues like this, there's always a lot of back and forth between me and the officers, as well as some raiders who are a little louder than the rest.

I like to handle nights like these with a firm grasp of the issues and bringing those issues to the raiders. Make people aware how much they need to bring up their awareness. Use nights like this to push people to a point where they show their true colours.

When people are under stress, you can really see how they handle the pressure. It's also an easygoing way of seeing what the future might bring, because wiping on heroic is a little less aggravating than wiping on mythic in my opinion.

Keep your friends close and don't let bosses break you. If it has a health pool, it can be killed, just pull your head out of your ass!

Logs of the Night:


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