The Farm and What's to Come

Today we did what I was hoping to accomplish!

We got the 4/9 heroic bosses down that we have under our belts.

We had the right amount of dps (melee in particular for Demonic Inquisition), all of our healers showed up and the size of the group was a little larger than we usually get!

Wiped a few times on Sisters of the Moon, but I quickly started sitting out those that either had low dps or repeatedly messed up the mechanics. After a couple of pulls with the comp that was seemingly perfect, we killed the boss and got some tasty loot out.

Hoping we can get 2 more heroic bosses down on Sunday, but Mistress Sass and her beams have left us struggling in the past.

We got our first application from the guild website, which I'm pretty stoked about. It makes this who endeavour a reality.

Going to work on the streamers page on the weekend and get some more content rolling on the YouTube page.

Logs of the Night:

better late than never, but here I am with an eagle in celebration for the 4th of July.

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