Another Attempt at a Full Clear Normal

So last Tuesday, we pushed to get a full clear and we missed it due to many wipes on KJ.

Not one of our finest moments, but a lot of our issues sparked from people not knowing the fights and having very little experience on the fight.

This week I decided to be a bit more aggressive with the way we pulled the boss.

We would pull a few times, then I would sit either the lowest dps or the person who messed up the mechanics most.

We slowly sat people here and there until we found a good spot with damage and healing. The biggest issue we faced after that was that people were still messing up mechanics. The Armageddon was terrible. People run in it and then run out before it actually lands.

Spent the next day looking over the logs and seeing who didn't have the debuff from the mechanic and will have a small talk with those members.

In order to clear KJ next week, if we start the wipe train, I will be dropping as many people as possible and hitting that boss with people that will 100% nail these mechanics.

Beyond the stress, I got my 4P bonus so I can't be too miserable :)

Logs for the Night:

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