End of the Second Week Review

Tonight was another one of those nights where a lot doesn't go the way you planned it.

We were missing two of our core healers due to some 4th of July plans and still didn't correct the melee situation required to have decent interrupts for Demonic Inquisition.

We opted into doing Mistress Sassz'ine. Having a smaller group made this boss a tough uphill climb. Although we got some serious progression on it. The guys that we have right now are really shaping up to be solid core members. Just gotta keep the positivity and drill the mechanics into the minds of the players.

Sitting some lower dps and swapping people out accordingly was a huge asset to us as well. When we dropped a couple of lower dps, we found the overall experience on the boss was a lot quicker. Her health scaled well compared to our numbers and some of the mechanics didn't hit quite as hard as they did with the larger size.

Tuesday holds a lot of promise (got about 4 new people coming to the raid team), which should solve not only our melee issue, but it would bring at least one hunter; something that we have needed for a long time.

We are slowly getting closer to 20 people. The mythic raid team is shaping up. The people that are wiping with us are getting closer together. It's a good feeling to sort of start from scratch again. We are slowly moving in the right direction even though we didn't get a new boss down tonight.

Pushing for 6/9 Heroic this next lockout!

Logs of the Night:


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