The Limits of the Comp

Last night we were missing a few people that has previously stated their commitment to the team was 100%, so I'm looking at replacing those guys.

We also killed Sisters of the Moon on heroic, so the guild is 4/9 heroic! A great accomplishment for the pace I'm looking for.

Largest concern is that we lost a couple of melee dps that we counted on for interrupts on Demonic Inquisition, so we had to pass up on that boss last night in order to shoot for something that we could handle with our comp.

Largest moment of joy for the night is that we got a couple of new balance druids into the guild and one of them happens to be one of my closest friends, Slappyflower. Him and I go way back to the creation of this guild and the start of my raid-leading career. I look back all the time on the names of people and pictures of the characters involved with some of our earliest boss kills as a guild and this guys name is in almost all of them.

It makes me want to work harder and bring more to the table when one of my original raiders comes back to the group. It brings some life back into, what some consider to be, a dying game.

I'm confident that the people we currently have on the team are going to be the core of what takes us into Mythic progression in a couple of weeks.

Looking at the logs, we do have a lot of work to do, but we have the people with the right mindset and drive.

Looking forward to Sunday and hopefully killing 2 heroic bosses!

Logs of the Night:

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