Tuesday and the Normal Clear

With any great raid team, there will be a time where you don't reach an easy goal and you feel pretty foolish for it.

I opened the doors to any members of the guild that were available to come get their normal clear with us. I was confident that we could get it in one night, however I didn't take into effect that we were bringing people who didn't see the fights, and in some cases, were 100% not prepared for them.

Struggled on a couple of bosses and wiped for an hour on KJ.

It felt pretty bad.

Although it did give me the chance to see some of the newer faces in the guild, it opened my eyes to the fact that we 100% need to do some recruiting. The gap in DPS and raid awareness was incredibly large with some of the players and we ended up falling short of our goal.

8/9 normal in one night, after wiping a handful of times on 3 bosses.

Not the amazing clear I was looking for, but next Tuesday is another day and I will be better prepared to deal with some of the slackers that didn't offer much to the team that night.

Logs from the night:


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