End of the First Week Review

Cruising through normal was a great feeling. There's a lot of confidence and everyone seems really hungry for heroic content.

Diving into the heroic stuff, we found some limitations with our groups comp.

Not having many melee made interrupts relatively difficult on the Demonic Inquisition, but getting him down was a relief.

Harjatan heroic felt like a joke. Some simple strategy changes and we got it down. Tanks are basically the only ones who really need to keep on their toes. Multiple deaths from not facing the boss the correct way was an issue that we fixed quickly.

Messing around with Mistress Sass showed us that we really need a lot more AOE based damage classes. Currently looking to get a couple of balance druids and elemental shamans to try and help that situation.

It's sort of nice having under 15 people. It makes you look for quality when trying to fill the spots up. I'm confident that when it's time to push mythic content, we will have the right people for the job.

Ended the night on Sisters of the Moon. This fight is simple. The biggest issue we're having is from people standing in the wrong spot. Which is easy to fix. People just need to be a little more aware and move from things that will kill them.

Ended this week 9/9 normal, 3/9 heroic. Looking forward to 1 -3 new heroic boss kills next week depending on attendance.

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