Crushing Normal Tomb of Sargeras

With our raid night starting at 7:45 EST and having a full group of people ready to go since 7:30, it was pretty obvious that we were going to devour whatever new content Blizzard had lined up for us.

With only a couple of hiccups, we managed to clear normal ToS in about 4 hours. That's pretty damn awesome, considering this is a new team of old-school Mythic raiders. Starting to see some individual strengths come out and some fantastic numbers!

Time to push heroic content and go for that clear!

Great start to the Sippy Cup Disaster Mythic Raid Team!

Players for the Normal Clear:

Pàin, Contractx, Xillarius, Nahra, Xiuhtecoatl, Bananaknight, Firangel, Galactrix, Morfyeroc, Nerflocks, Serpentfang


*Apologies for not having logs for the full run.

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