Sippy Cup Disaster has THREE raid teams!

We have a Cutting Edge progression team, a casual Mythic progression team and a casual AOTC progression team!

The goal of having three teams is that we want to be able to provide a raiding level for everyone.

For newer folks to the game or folks that don't have a lot of time to play, we encourage you to join our Normal/AOTC progression team.

For those that want more than AOTC, we have a casual Mythic group that goes for a few kills but still keeping that casual mindset.

For those that want to push Cutting Edge and complete the entire Mythic raiding content experience, we encourage you to join the Cutting Edge team!

Providing our members an opportunity for every level of raiding, we hope that people group together more often instead of "pugging" out with other guilds/groups!


We want to grow a large and positive community that welcomes everyone!