Our humble beginning...


        Sippy Cup Disaster is a guild that was created out of the desire to see all levels of raiding content and bring together like-minded people to create a community of raiders with one goal in mind; kill challenging bosses while providing an enjoyable environment for all of our players.

          Back in 2007, a few of friends created the guild Heroic Companions, an Alliance guild on the realm of Draenor - US. With half of the founders being very PVP oriented and the other half being PVE oriented, it quickly became apparent that there would eventually be a fork in the road when it came down to what sort of guild these friends wanted to create.

          With Galactrix being a front-runner for the raiding scene in Heroic Companions and "pugging" out multiple raids per week with a few friends; it got to a point where having a guild specifically dedicated to bringing people together to raid was something that needed to be established.

          On December 16th 2009, Galactrix and Redhook decided that it was time to pull the plug and left Heroic Companions to create what was going to become one of the largest raiding communities on Draenor; with a guild called Eden Aurorae.

          With several raid teams dying out on Draenor and the population on the realm becoming smaller; several guilds decided they would merge into Eden Aurorae. This came with a lot of complications and a lot of internal frustrations. With Galactrix allowing the GM’s of other guilds to take part ownership of Eden Aurorae and bring their members into the fold, the direction of the guild became clouded.

          On April 20th 2012, the Officers and Raiders closest to the two founders decided to implement a Guild Server transfer, moving from Alliance Draenor – US to Horde Area 52 – US. Those members were known as Galactrix, Redhook, Kevyman, Sunray, Hernia, Yarl and Keedrian.

         Each person brought forward a name for the new guild and after laughing extensively at the name Sunray brought to the table; Sippy Cup Disaster was born.

          From here, our guild and story have taken us to places we have never dreamed before, killed bosses we had only read about in lore and made some of the greatest friendships of our lifetime.

          If you’re looking for a place to settle down and call home; feel free to join our Discord and message any of our Officers in game or through Discord DM's.


          We may just have a place for you.

- Justin / Galactrix